This week we seem to have inadvertently focussed on racing motorcycles, both on and off road varieties. It seems like there are more sporting bikes on eBay at the moment but this might be due to the fact that the weather is slowly warming up and people’s minds are turning to summer days in the saddle.

This week’s personal choice would come down to a choice between the Rickman Triumph Metisse and the BSA B50 MX. Both of these would be a blast to ride and the Triumph has the added benefit of being road legal in all 50 states.Click here to see a live list of motorcycles on eBay.

1965 Rickman Triumph Metisse Special

This Rickman is a bit of an unusual amalgamation of parts, it originally had a 250cc two-stroke fitted but it’s since had a Triumph parallel twin fitted to the frame. The good news is that this means it’s much cheaper than it otherwise would be, and much less smokey!Click here to view the listing.

Excelsior Board Track Racer

The Excelsior is an American marque that’s sadly no longer with us. Back in their heyday they built some of the fastest board track motorcycles ever made, and surviving examples like this one tend to sell for significant sums of money. This one has a non-original frame Click here to view the listing.

1967 Triumph TR6 Trophy

The Triumph TR6 was the most popular donor bike for conversion into a “desert sled” back in the 1960s. Steve McQueen had one and Fonzie rode one in Happy Days – and this is a great example of the model.Click here to view the listing.

1971 BSA B50 MX

This was to be the last BSA motocross bike ever made, it was an improved version of the B44 with a tougher engine and better reliability.Click here to view the listing.

1975 Rickman Triumph CR 750

This is a very rare bike indeed, and it was only raced for a single season in 1975 before being rolled into storage and never touched again. It’s for sale now with everything you’d need to get it road legal, after a restoration of course.Click here to view the listing.

Source: Top 5 Vintage Motorcycles On eBay This Week | eBay

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