Today I heard about an old friend that passed away in a motorcycle accident.

My heartfelt condolences to his family in the UK as well as Courtney and the girls.

I first met Rob via an old girlfriends friend back in 1985. He was riding an XL185 in those days and then subsequently a CB200. I moved to South Africa and lost touch but when I got back to the UK in 2000 managed to track him down and found out he was living in Canada.

Managed to meet up a few times when he came back to visit and was hoping to see him and Courtney and hopefully the girls when they were over here again in the near future.

A truly remarkable fellow biker that inspired me to get back on a bike after 16 years of not riding.
His CMG family will never be the same without him. A lovely tribute by them is on the CMG Website.

RIP my old friend we will ride again together one day on that highway in the sky.

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