So I pack up all my gear and head off to the NABD rally up near Macclesfield on the friday morning. My stomach was feeling a little bubbly, but thought nothing of it. I had volunteered to help out with Marshalling duties during the weekend for the NABD guys. With a big after party on the Sunday evening for all the Marshalls.

Friday evening i did my shift on the gate and didn’t feel too bad… then Saturday morning the flood gates opened and never stopped and still haven’t really as i type this now.
I spent the rest of the weekend either in my tent curled up in pain or in a porta loo contributing to the eco system in a large way.

The rally itself from what i could see, hear, gather was awesome. Lots of great music, comedy acts, loads of trade stalls, really friendly people and pretty good food vans that i could see (although I didn’t eat anything all weekend). The vibe was excellent with good security and overall brilliant weather, all in all one great rally.

Well done to all the hard working NABD ladies and gents, a few who i met and were great people. Just a pity I didn’t get chance to get to know them better and enjoy the event to its full potential.
Fear not i shall be back next year with a vengeance… watch this space.

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