16 Bike Hacks That Will Save Time and Money

16 Bike Hacks That Will Save Time and Money

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Motorcycling can be an expensive business. But you don’t need to break the bank just because you find that you are cold or uncomfortable or ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Here are some expert time and money saving bike hacks to keep you covered.

Picking up a girl?

Loop your left arm through the bottom opening of a helmet and out the visor port, the bend of your elbow on the bars will hold it in place.

Flat tire?

So long as it’s not a huge puncture, an $8 can of fix-a-flat will seal the hole and pressurize your tire. Ride off immediately after installing so the centrifugal force spreads the sealant around the tire. This is way easier than installing a tire plug.

Need to carry stuff?

A $5 bungee net can strap ANYTHING to your bike.


Squish up some newspaper and stuff it into your jacket and pants for insulation.

Cold hands?

Grab some of the freebie plastic gloves from the Diesel pump at a gas station. They’ll fit inside your riding gloves, block the wind and keep your fingers from falling off.

Need gas?

Buy a water bottle from a gas station, drink it, then put your gas in it. Works just fine, costs way less than a jerry can, is available everywhere and it’s super easy to stash in a pocket or strap to your bike.

Sore butt?

Wear tight bicycle shorts underneath your riding pants, the compression will keep your muscles from getting sore and the material prevents chafing. Shorts with a chamois (pad) help cushion your coccyx.

Blinded by the sun?

Run some tape across the top of your visor, it acts like the brim of a baseball cap.

Struggling with body position?

Try and kiss your mirror. Works every time. (Don’t actually kiss it, that’s just weird.)

Run out of gas?

Supporting the bike on your leg, lean it over as far as you can and shake it. That will free up any gas trapped in the nooks and crannies. The fuel pickup is on one side, gas might be on the other.

Dirty leathers?

Forget expensive leather cleaners. Unscented baby wipes remove tough messes while moisturizing the hide.

Worn out tire?

Some Shoe Goo might get you home.

Boots soaking wet?

Stuff them with newspaper overnight, it’ll draw out the water and prevent odors.

Non removable helmet liner dirty?

Take it in the shower with you and use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to clean it. Leaves no residue and won’t irritate your skin.

Kick stand sinking in the mud?

Crush a can or use an old credit card/hotel key card to increase the footprint.

Bugs stuck to your visor?

Soak a paper towel in water and lay it on the visor for five minutes before wiping clean. Doing so re-hydrates the bug carcasses, meaning they’ll lift off without scratching your expensive face shield

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