Breaking Bands 2016 – A Roaring Success

Breaking Bands 2016 – A Roaring Success


Fri 27th May 2016. 10.00am.
Once again I packed my trusty steed and headed off to the unknown, (as in Bands) music festival that was Breaking Bands 2016.

Well what can I say apart from WOW! I have been to a number of live gigs and bike rallies before and whilst this wasn’t a bike rally, it kinda felt like it in some respects. The camaraderie of the bands, the happy faces, intimate location making it feel like one big rock family, you couldnt get a better experience if you tried. It really did feel like it had been running for years and not just the 12 months or so and only the 2nd ever festival that the TBFM team had put on.

Talking of TBFM, what an amazing team of people. I have never been made to feel so welcome at any event before and got to camp with some of the DJs and what a blast that was, fantastic guys and brilliant vibes all weekend.

The highlight for me was seeing a few of the bands which I had only really heard a few tracks on Spoitfy, like Trucker Diablo, Evil Masquerade and the ubixuitous Reign of Fury. But to my absolute surprise many of the other bands got my attention as well, like Wretched Toad, Skarthia, Cadence Noir, Crash in Clouds, Let for Red and Black Star Bullet to name a few.

Man what a line-up, can’t wait for next year, as that’s a hard act to follow and hopefully I will get to see some of these guys back again. get your tickets now, as they ain’t gonna last long for next years gig :

All in all you guys really do Rock \m/.