Breaking Bands Festival this weekend…

Breaking Bands Festival this weekend…


For those rock and metal aficionados, one of the understated festivals of the year is just about upon us. TBFM radio are putting on one hell of a show – the Breaking Bands Festival 2016.
Sorry but you can’t get in now as they are all sold out and have been for a while, demand was that high, and next years looks no different so get in early.

With over 30 up and coming bands and an acoustic stage, as well as great food, cheap beer on tap and really great people organising the event, this is THE rock festival to be at.

Will be posting about the gigs a little later, so in the meantime tune into TBFM radio to catch all the news and music from the festival.

Rock on…



NABD 25th Annual Rally

NABD 25th Annual Rally

So I pack up all my gear and head off to the NABD rally up near Macclesfield on the friday morning. My stomach was feeling a little bubbly, but thought nothing of it. I had volunteered to help out with Marshalling duties during the weekend for the NABD guys. With a big after party on the Sunday evening for all the Marshalls.

Friday evening i did my shift on the gate and didn’t feel too bad… then Saturday morning the flood gates opened and never stopped and still haven’t really as i type this now.
I spent the rest of the weekend either in my tent curled up in pain or in a porta loo contributing to the eco system in a large way.

The rally itself from what i could see, hear, gather was awesome. Lots of great music, comedy acts, loads of trade stalls, really friendly people and pretty good food vans that i could see (although I didn’t eat anything all weekend). The vibe was excellent with good security and overall brilliant weather, all in all one great rally.

Well done to all the hard working NABD ladies and gents, a few who i met and were great people. Just a pity I didn’t get chance to get to know them better and enjoy the event to its full potential.
Fear not i shall be back next year with a vengeance… watch this space.

RIP Rob Harris

RIP Rob Harris

Today I heard about an old friend that passed away in a motorcycle accident.

My heartfelt condolences to his family in the UK as well as Courtney and the girls.

I first met Rob via an old girlfriends friend back in 1985. He was riding an XL185 in those days and then subsequently a CB200. I moved to South Africa and lost touch but when I got back to the UK in 2000 managed to track him down and found out he was living in Canada.

Managed to meet up a few times when he came back to visit and was hoping to see him and Courtney and hopefully the girls when they were over here again in the near future.

A truly remarkable fellow biker that inspired me to get back on a bike after 16 years of not riding.
His CMG family will never be the same without him. A lovely tribute by them is on the CMG Website.

RIP my old friend we will ride again together one day on that highway in the sky.

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